Our Customers Say…

“A must stop shop for tourists and residents! Some of the best pizza I’ve had in State.” –Bon Thebon, Google Reviews

“The only place I’ve found true NYC pizza outside of New York (and I’ve looked in some major cities). The interior makes me feel like I’m back in Greenwich Village. And they always play great music! The music genre changes from visit to visit, but it’s always good. Cafe Rio is my “happy place” I go to when I need a break from life…or just need good Mediterranean food! I do miss them yelling across the restaurant though – that was part of the atmosphere!” –Sharon Chistaine, Facebook Reviews

“The best pizza since I’ve been in Texas!! Planned a weekend getaway and Cafe Rio was highly recommended. I recently moved from the north east and this is the real deal!! Very friendly staff and excellent customer service. I will definitely return!” -Christopher Wilson, Google Reviews

“I’m not a pizza fan, but this is one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had, thin and crispy and not greasy, Love the one with mozzarella tomato and basil, and yes we are going back!!!” –Lety Magaña, Facebook Reviews

“This is probably my favorite restaurant in Ruidoso. It’s a fun, laid back place and the food is excellent. I have never had a bad experience here. I would recommend Cafe Rio to anyone!” –Shawn Allen, Google Reviews

“Small place but loaded with flavor! This is the best pizza I think I’ve ever had, and it’s in a tiny retirement town in New Mexico of all places! New York style pie with fresh ingredients, cooked perfectly with perfect dough to topping to sauce to cheese ratio.. I wish I could order one right now just thinking about it but I guess I’ll just have to drive 11 hours next year again!” – Jason Riha, Google Reviews

“A perfect little pizzeria! Pizza, meatball sandwich, and Italian cold cut sandwich were all great. Table service was good also. Fast and friendly.” –Adam Dottle, Google Reviews