Are we open?

Probably! Check our hours on the home page and if its in that time-frame, chances are good that we are indeed open. The only days we are guaranteed to be closed are Labor Day (US), Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, & Christmas Day. Some closures happen due to cleaning/maintenance scheduling, severe weather, and/or for employee appreciation but these will all be posted across our social media ASAP when they occur.

Are our phones working?

Usually, Yes. However our lines are not always up and can be affected by weather, construction, and outages throughout the Ruidoso Area. Sometimes we are just overwhelmed with callers and the lines are jammed up with hungry guests! Unfortunately, this can make it near-impossible for some callers to get through. If this persists, please come see us in person to make an inquiry or order to go.

Do we offer online ordering?

Nope, sure don’t. While we understand that this modern convenience does wonders for all our collective anxiety, we simply don’t operate in a manner that is conducive to accepting orders taken over the internet. While we are always researching ways in which to make life easier for everyone, we have yet to find an agreeable solution in this department.

Please give us a call at 575-257-7746 to place an order for pickup or come see us in-person. (Please wear a mask if you have one. If you forgot yours, it’s all good, we will be happy to provide a brand new one for your convenience!)

Do we accept reservations?

We operate on a “First Come, First Serve” policy. This means that we DO NOT accept reservations but instead operate a waitlist as necessary. This ensures that all have a fair and equal opportunity to visit with us.

Do we accept credit & debit cards?

Yes! Starting during the dark COVID-times and in the face of a looming public health crisis, we decided to end our longstanding feud with the credit economy. So, we are very happy to now accept basically all major credit/debit card providers.

Cheers to change!

Gift Cards?

Yes, digital and physical!

Click HERE for an eGift Card!

Call or visit us in-person for a physical card (we will be more than happy to mail it wherever you would like!)

Do we deliver?

We DO NOT deliver. Still no.

Do we serve beer & wine?

As a small, high-volume business, we do not currently offer alcoholic beverages for sale. While we would love to offer beer and wine sometime in the future, at the moment we are happy to promote the many local bars who allow our customers to enjoy their pizza with a beer there.

Do we offer gluten-free options?

We do! Starting in and around 2020, we began to experiment with gluten-free options and were happy to find that options had greatly improved over the last few years. As such, we now carry a 12”ish cauliflower crust for your gluten-free enjoyment!

As a pizza place that makes hand-tossed pizza, it is very difficult for us to guarantee any pie be 100% free of all gluten. However, we are committed to taking the issue of cross-contamination seriously and have a process in place to limit possible contact with our high-gluten flour at every point of your food’s production.

Other allergies/dietary requirements?

We are receptive toward and supportive of all our guests’ dietary needs and restrictions.

Due to the variety of our menu and the needs of our guests, we work hard to ensure that our staff can help guide you to meet your specific dietary requirements. Please let us know what we can do to help and we will do our absolute best.

The following is a general listing of common allergies and related products.

  • Nut Allergies: We make fresh cakes and peanut butter cookies daily and utilize the same equipment for mixing the cookie dough and Hummingbird Cake batter as we do a variety of other products. We do not utilize any nut oils in our facility.

  • Shellfish Allergies: Currently, we offer Shrimp Jambalaya which may trigger allergic reactions in guests with a sensitivity to Iodine or crustaceans.

  • Dairy Allergies: We have a lot of dairy in our facility but take steps to ensure that dairy-free options are available both on-menu and upon request. Neither our dough nor our pizza sauce contain dairy. Some meats utilize dairy products as emulsifiers; these are often pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage, and Andouille sausage.

We have a strict cleaning regime and take great care to limit possibilities of cross-contamination. If you have any concerns, please reach out via our email, phone, or talk to one of our staff when you visit.

Do we have merch?

Merchandise is available for sale in our store above! Some stuff may be available in-house, but offerings are better online as we work to refurnish our merchandise area in the shop.

Any other questions?

We are always happy to hear from you! If you found that your question was not answered here, please reach out and we will be happy to speak with you.