Welcome to Cafe Rio Pizza


The summer is well upon us and the weather is.. wild! We thank everyone for coming to see us in Doso and appreciate your care in visiting our forests and lakes!

As many of you are wondering, we are indeed still operating on a carryout-only basis for the time-being as we keep an eye on both the public health and economic situation around. At this time, and with the consent of our crew, we have delayed our full reopening for the immediate term and will be reconsidering come Labor Day. We know this is a bummer and we feel similarly; we have been working hard to get “back to normal” and to push it back is not what any of us wanted to do. At the end-of-the-day, we decided this was our best path forward. We look forward to having y’all drop by and are loving seeing so many familiar faces drop by for a pie to-go.


Additionally, our community continues to attempt to recover from the devastating McBride Fire and we are forever grateful for those in our community who have come together to lend a hand to those who need them and the many wonderful people and organizations working tirelessly to ensure the protection of our Village during these particularly hazardous conditions. From those fighting the flames from the ground and sky to those opening their homes for neighbors in need to those donating crucial food, supplies, and emotional support: Thank you so much. We are so truly blessed to have you all.

If you can, please click here and donate to help our local Ruidoso residents to rebuild.

If you need help, please click here to apply for aid.


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Take-Out Only –

Hours of Operation*

11:30am – 8:00pm

Closed Wednesdays

*Hours Subject to Change Based on Season

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Who are we?

Serving East Coast-style pizza since 1993, we strive to offer the absolute best and highest-quality food and customer service experience possible.

All our products are made in-house from scratch, which means that if you have a question regarding our food or its ingredients, we will always have an answer.

Our recipes have been accumulated through years of professional cooking and employ the highest quality ingredients available.

We welcome your questions and comments, hope that you feel at home, and look forward to your return visit.

Please ask us about our weekday discount schedule covering government servants, educators and students, trade workers, local restaurant/service-sector workers, and first responders/healthcare personnel!

MONDAY: Local Government Employees
TUESDAY: Trade Industry, Food Service & Hospitality Workers
THURSDAY: Educators & Students
FRIDAY: First Responders, Dispatchers, & Healthcare Professionals/Support Personnel
MONDAY-FRIDAY: Active Duty & Retired Military


Our Philosophy

We believe that you are our greatest asset and aim to provide the absolute best experience every time you visit. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation among our followers and push ourselves to always meet and exceed those standards which you all have set for us over these last two-and-a-half decades.

Our food is continuously evolving as we seek out the best possible produce from around the world as well as develop our community relations with local farmers and providers. We source our greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil from local New Mexico farms when seasonally-available.

We thank you all for the last wonderful 26 years. From our humble beginnings selling slices and a limited cafe menu from a tiny shop to our lightning growth over the last several years, we could have never done it without you, our beloved guests both locally and globally. We look forward to the next few decades with you and your families.

-The Cafe Rio Crew