Welcome to Cafe Rio Pizza

Summer is Upon Us!

Looks like despite the best efforts of all involved, the Summer season has arrived on-schedule once more! Yay?

As usual, expect longer wait times as the season heats up in literally every way. We always advise pre-ordering for dinner before the rush hits and the phones go down.

Also, don’t go lighting stuff on fire or smoking on a pile of pine needles. Be respectful and please be understanding of locals who are a bit on edge following this very active fire season across the State. Thanks to all our wildfire management teams for keeping our families safe as containment of the Blue Fire continues to progress.

Thanks as always for the many years (what, 30 now?) and we look forward to continuing our mission of bringing our community the best pizza our little shop can throw out!

Specials are in rotation and please follow our IG below for updates on us, our product, and anything else going on.


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Hours of Operation*

Dine-In & Takeout!

Thursday – Monday

11:30am – 8:00pm

*Hours Subject to Change Based on Season. Phones available for pre-orders starting at 11am.

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Who are we?

Serving East Coast-style pizza since 1993, we strive to offer the absolute best and highest-quality food and customer service experience possible.

All our products are made in-house from scratch, which means that if you have a question regarding our food or its ingredients, we will always have an answer.

Our recipes have been accumulated through years of professional cooking and employ the highest quality ingredients available.

We welcome your questions and comments, hope that you feel at home, and look forward to your return visit.


Our Philosophy

We believe that you are our greatest asset and aim to provide the absolute best experience every time you visit. We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation among our followers and push ourselves to always meet and exceed those standards which you all have set for us over these last two-and-a-half decades.

Our food is continuously evolving as we seek out the best possible produce from around the world as well as develop our community relations with local farmers and providers. We source our greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, and basil from local New Mexico farms when seasonally-available.

We thank you all for the last wonderful 26 years. From our humble beginnings selling slices and a limited cafe menu from a tiny shop to our lightning growth over the last several years, we could have never done it without you, our beloved guests both locally and globally. We look forward to the next few decades with you and your families.

-The Cafe Rio Crew